Biologix TC 1000-G Gradient Thermocycler

Thermal cyclers are essential laboratory equipment for researchers who run polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for sequencing, cloning, genotyping, mutagenesis, and many other applications. The TC1000-G has the precise temperature control system and thermal gradient to easily optimize PCR assays in a single run, makes it possible to quickly and accurately obtain large quantities of DNA needed in molecular biology, clinical diagnosis, criminal investigations and infectious disease research etc.


  • Provides consistent and uniform sealing across an entire block 
  • Excellent temperature control system
  • Fast heating and cooling rate
  • Large color touch screen for easy programming
  • Quickly and easily identify optimal annealing temperatures by using the programmable temperature gradient  


*1 Pieces/Case 

Sample Capacity 
0.2mL PCR tubes×96,0.2mL×12 PCR 8 strips or 96 well PCR plate
Heating Temperature Range[°C] 
4 - 99
Lid Temperature Range [°C]
50 - 110
Temperature Display Aaccuracy [oC]
Temperature Uniformity [°C @ 55°C] 
< 0.3 
Max. Heating/Cooling Rate [°C /sec] 
Gradient Temperature 
Gradient Temperature 
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